Kalpana Saroj's is a real life story of determination, perseverance, bravery, tenacity and indomitable courage of a lone woman fighter who rose from the lowest strata of life to capture the ivory towers. She is strong, resolute, tough, spirited and at the same time has a tender heart which instantly reaches out to help the needy. No doubt the icon that young ladies look forward to be, she was recently awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Award for Woman Entrepreneurs.

When the workers of Kamani Tubes Limited approached her for help the Company was registered as a sick industrial unit under SICA, and was in the BIFR. The company had been lying closed for over 17 years and rest is history. Braving heavy litigation Kalpana Saroj nursed the sick Kamani back to health.

After Kalpana Saroj took over the management of Kamani, she paid the workers dues at the outset, and thereafter the dues of the secured creditors and other statutory dues. The new factory of the company has since been inaugurated at Wada in Maharashtra at the hands of the Hon. Minister for Forest, Mr. Babanrao Pachpute. To cut a long story short, when bigwigs failed to turn around a sick company, Kalpana Saroj simply succeeded!

Business apart, Kalpana Saroj has keen interest in Education. All the year round more than 2000 students are benefited through services rendered by institutions sponsored by her which provide library, hostel and financial help to the needy students.

Kalpana Saroj works actively for the up-liftment of the Adivasis, destitute children, aged and infirm. She took up the cudgel against racism and caste discrimination. Kalpana Saroj’s efforts for the up liftment of the downtrodden masses has been eulogized in the local as well as international press and Television time and again.

That’s Kalpana Saroj the winner. The lead lady, battling crises as they come, beating the down turn, burning targets and creating milestones. But then, what’s winning without a good fight?

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